Campus & State of the Art Facilities

St. Cletus School is a single level, handicapped accessible, fully air conditioned facility. It was founded in 1967 at its first location on Duchesne Drive. The current St. Cletus campus was opened in 1983.

At St. Cletus, we strongly embrace new technology, and students and teachers have access to the latest tools, equipment and software. There are also computers and SMART Boards (interactive white boards) in the classrooms, as well as Senteo systems, which are wireless, interactive response systems that allow students to provide immediate responses and/or feedback during class.

New Science and Math Lab: Our new Science & Math Lab includes chemical and heat resistant countertops, lab sinks, tables, microscopes, a pupil cam, safety equipment, electronic balances, new cabinets, shelving and lab supplies.

Computer Lab: All students receive regular instruction in computer technology in the on-site computer lab, which is equipped with late model computers and a Smart Board.

Library: St. Cletus has an on-site, fully automated/computerized library. The school librarian provides weekly instruction and lessons in library skills. Students routinely check out books and Kindles, and participate in a great variety of library sponsored reading initiatives and incentive programs.

Gym, Field & Playground: The on-site gym and sports field provide convenient locations for Physical Education classes, recess, assemblies, sporting events, parish and extracurricular activities. A large playground system is located in a private area behind the school. 

St. Cletus Church: The Church is located on the campus, so it is convenient for students to participate in weekly celebration of the Eucharist. Grades 1 – 4 attend Mass every Tuesday, grades 5 – 8 attend Mass every Wednesday and once a month there is an all school Mass. Students also receive Liturgical Music instruction in the church.

Cafeteria: Hot lunches are served daily in the cafeteria and students who bring their lunches may purchase milk. The meal includes the entrée or alternate entrée, vegetable, fruit, dessert and milk. A monthly menu is sent home at the beginning of each month. Lunch tickets may be purchased before school each morning, or if desired, purchased in duplicate and held for the students by the lunch staff. The lunch program is federally funded. Free and reduced lunches are available to those who qualify.