School Board

The St. Cletus School Board works with Fr. Benz, Principal Doherty, Men’s Club and PTO to advocate for the fullest academic, spiritual and social experience for our students, and for the optimal operation of the school. Meetings are the 2nd Monday of each month in the Parish Hall. Visitors are welcome.


The board consists of nine members, each serving a three-year term. When a board member’s term expires, nominations are accepted for his/her replacement. Candidates may be self-nominated or recommended by another school parent or parishioner. Elections are held in late April.


The pastor provides spiritual and pastoral leadership and has a supervisory role over the principal. The board serves in an advisory capacity to the pastor and ensures the accountability of the school to the community.


As a community of faith, the pastor, principal and board share a vision. All see themselves as part of the educational mission of the Church. Drawn together by their common purpose, all are concerned, not with seeking the total authority, but with developing the proper balance between all elements so that the best results can be achieved. These elements include the rights and responsibilities of the parents, the community and the Church in determining goals for the educational programs and the expertise of professionals in the implementation of programs.


2018-2019 School Board Members:

President - Donna Pezold
Vice President  -  Mike Bardot
Recording Secretary - Sharon Osborn
Corresponding Secretary - Katie Eller
Marketing Officer - Brian Krupich

Julie Basler

Rev. Jim Benz, Senior Pastor, St. Cletus Parish
Rosann Doherty, Principal, St. Cletus School
Don Santellano - Men's Club President/Representative
Dana Bryan - PTO Co-President/Representative
Kateri Lowery - PTO Co-President/Representative 

The latest issue of “School Board News” is posted on the School Board bulletin board on FastDirect.