STP Gift Card Program

In 2005, St. Cletus parents voted to eliminate all door-to-door fundraising and instead, families began to pay a commitment fee each year to help cover non-budgeted activities, school supplies and equipment. This fee is now $275. However, families may offset or eliminate this fee by participating in the STP Gift Card program and Box Tops for Education. So far, these programs have helped fund the new Science and Math Lab, automation/modernization of the school library, new cabinets and shelving in the classrooms, a SMART Table, a mobile 30-iPad cart, and more. 


The term begins on February 1 each year for families to begin earning credit toward their commitment fee for the upcoming school year. If a family has earned less than $275 through these programs by January 31, they are asked to pay the difference. If the family's commitment fee is fulfilled before January 31 and they continue to earn credit through these programs, 50% of the profit will be credited toward the family’s book fees, and the other 50% will be retained by the PTO for non-budgeted activities, school supplies and equipment. Then, on February 1 when the new term begins, all of their profit will begin to be applied to their next year's commitment fee.


Click here to print an STP Gift Card ORDER FORM

The St. Cletus PTO has negotiated with merchants to purchase the cards in bulk at a discount and sells them at face value. All school families are encouraged to use STP gift cards for all their regular purchases, gifts and splurges. Each time you buy a gift card, a credit based on its value is subtracted from your commitment fee. You may also ask your friends and extended family members to purchase the cards and designate your family as the recipient of the credit. Over 600 participating merchants include grocery stores, gas stations, department stores, restaurants, specialty retailers, and many more.


STP gift cards are sold by PTO volunteers in the church’s gathering space immediately after weekend Masses, including Saturdays at 5:00 p.m., Sundays at 7:00 a.m., 8:30 a.m., 10:00 a.m. and noon. They are also sold before school, Tuesday-Friday from 7:30-7:50 a.m. in the school’s laminating room (across from the cafeteria), and just before dismissal on Tuesday-Thursday from 2:30-2:50 p.m. Or, you may send an order form and payment to the school with your child and the gift cards will be sent home with them.


You can also purchase them online at (where they are referred to as “scrip”). Before you make your first online purchase, you will need a ShopWithScrip account. Email your name and preferred user ID to the STP Coordinator at and wait for her reply. Then go to, sign in, and you will be able to purchase ScripNow (ordered online and printed on your printer) and ScripToGo (ordered online and picked up wherever STP gift cards are sold). If you want to purchase ScripNow, you will need to create a PrestoPay account on the ShopWithScrip website using your checking account information (PrestoPay adds a $0.15 fee to each total transaction). You may also reload some cards, and view your account to see how much credit you have accumulated.


If you have an iPhone or Android smart phone, the MyScripWallet app makes buying and using scrip super fast and easy. To download this app, visit on your phone, click download, then sign in using your existing ShopWithScrip user name and password. These purchases may be used immediately, since merchants are able to scan the barcode straight from your phone, or type in the numbers under the barcode.


See the order form for a list of gift cards we keep in stock, and visit for a complete list. When you click on a merchant’s name, it will show you whether they offer plastic cards, ScripNow, or both.


If you would like to watch a video about how to purchase ScripNow online, visit and search for the video called, “ScripNow!” It is presented by Great Lakes Scrip Center, which is the company which administers the website. There is also a video called, “How to Start Using PrestoPay” and one called, “Welcome to MyScrip Wallet.”


STP Frequently Asked Questions


Additional Fund Raising Programs include:


Box Tops For Education – Box Tops are found on many brands of packaged goods such as Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Ziplock, Avery and many more. Each label turned in is worth 10 cents to the school, and 5 cents of each Box Top is applied to the submitting family's commitment fee. Many families have earned $20 or more off their commitment fee through Box Tops alone. For more information visit


Target and Schnucks – Do you have a Target REDcard credit card or Schnucks Customer Card? Target will donate one percent of your online and store purchases to the school of your choice. Schnucks will contribute between one and three percent, depending upon your monthly purchase. So, please designate St. Cletus as the beneficiary for these cards, because every bit helps! To designate St. Cletus as the beneficiary of your Schnucks card, go to and click on “eScrip Fundraising.” To designate St. Cletus as the beneficiary for your Target REDCard, visit and click on the "Take Charge of Education" program logo.


Recycling Programs  – St. Cletus operates two recycling programs to help raise additional funds for the school. Recycling bins are located near the back of the church building, and parishioners and school families are encouraged to place their newspapers, cans and clothing in them to be recycled. We also have a cell phone, ink cartridge and laser cartridge recycling program. School families, parishioners and their places of business are encouraged to place their used ink jet and laser printer cartridges in the recycling bins located behind the door at the back of the school cafeteria. 100% of the proceeds of this program go to the school. If you have a large pickup, the sponsor of the program, Conover Office Products, will pick up the items. In addition, if you use Conover Office Products as your office supply vendor, they will donate 3% of the price of all of your purchases to our school.