Computer Technology

At St. Cletus, we strongly embrace new technology, and students and teachers have access to the latest tools, equipment and software. 

Students in grades K - 2 use a primary keyboarding program that concentrates on letter location. They also use Microsoft Word to type spelling and vocabulary words and practice beginning formatting. In grades 3 - 8 touch typing is learned and mastered through the use of Microsoft Word. Middle school students receive instruction in PowerPoint and Excel. Older students add Publisher and more advanced lessons in PowerPoint and Excel. In addition to Microsoft products, students utilize software programs to help reinforce skills in math, spelling and problem solving.

K – 3rd graders have access to our new SMART Table 442i. This collaborative learning center is like a giant iPad that may be utilized by multiple students at the same time. 

St. Cletus School issues a Chromebook to every 6th – 8th Grader for educational use during the academic year.  The Chromebook is the property of St. Cletus School and not an individual.

Access to the internet is provided only for school-related, educational activities, and only under the direct supervision of a teacher. To promote responsible use of the internet, our Acceptable Internet Use Policy is distributed to parents and students at the beginning of each school year.


All students receive regular instruction in computer technology in our on-site computer lab. There are also computers and SMART Boards (interactive white boards) in the classrooms, as well as Senteo systems, which are wireless, interactive response systems that allow students to provide immediate responses and/or feedback during class. 

Our iPad cart includes 30 iPads to be used by entire classrooms of students for research projects, group activities and so much more.