Music & Band

Music Program: All students participate in regular music classes under the instruction of our Music teacher, who has a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Master of Arts in Education. Students in grades K – 2 develop fundamentals, perform echo clapping, learn to sing in tune, feel the pulse of the music and read basic rhythms. Students in grades 3 – 4 begin part-singing and playing the recorder, which is the prelude to playing a band instrument. They also take a field trip to Powell Symphony Hall, where they play their recorders with the St. Louis Symphony. Students in grade 5 work on 2-part octavo singing, sight singing and playing world percussion pieces. Students in grades 6 – 8 make up the St. Cletus Choir, with challenging vocal pieces consisting of three- and four-part harmony. Parents are able to experience and be entertained by the results of this hard work at the annual Christmas Concert.

Band Program: Beginning in 4th grade, students may choose to learn an instrument and play in the band with instructors who have high level degrees in music and education, and are musicians in their own right. St. Cletus participates in the Consolidated Catholic Schools Band (CCSB) along with St. Charles Borromeo, St. Peter, and St. Elizabeth/ St. Robert. Beginning band members meet once a week in small groups during the school day, with the full band meeting once a week in the Duchesne High School band room. After the first year, the students move into Intermediate Band, then to the Advanced Band.