Physical Education

At St. Cletus, we believe that fitness is life-long and our PE teacher encourages healthy habits and self-discipline. We use the President’s Challenge as our guideline for fitness (For more information, visit In PE students gain experience in activities such as tumbling, basketball, circuit training, soccer, volleyball, dance, hockey, golf and wiffle ball.

Students may earn extra credit by recording any physical activity they perform outside of class. This encourages the self discipline and healthy habits that will help keep them fit for the rest of their lives.
Some of the special PE highlights which take place each year at St. Cletus include:

The Dance Assembly –every student will dance with a partner at a big assembly which is put on for parents and grandparents.

Field Day – various games and activities are prepared for and taught to the children in grades K – 7 by Mrs. D and the 8th grade students. The students love Field Day!

Golf Tournament – the best putting score in each class wins a small prize.