Extracurricular Activities

St. Cletus offers a variety of extracurricular activities in which students may participate. Some activities may involve an additional cost. For more information, contact the school office.

Annual Science & Academic Fair: Students in grades K – 6 may participate in the annual Science & Academic Fair. Academic Fair projects are mandatory for students in grades 7 and 8. Students in grades K – 6 who choose to participate receive extra credit in the applicable academic subject. Projects are judged and displayed at the school, with certificates awarded to the top projects. Some have progressed to the Missouri Tri-County Science & Engineering Fair. 

Annual Talent Show:
The talent show is held in the St. Cletus gym. Students may try out in front of the Talent Show Committee as an individual or as a group.

A+ Art Class: The A+ Art Class is a program that teaches drawing skills. It is offered on the St. Cletus campus after school for students in grades K – 8.

Parish Sports Program: The St. Cletus Sports Program is organized and administered by the St. Cletus Men’s Club as a parish level operation. Through this program, all children of the parish in grades K - 8 have the opportunity to participate in interscholastic competition with other area Catholic parishes in soccer, volleyball, basketball, golf and baseball/softball. For current information, policies and online registration, visit the Saint Cletus Sports web site.

Girls on the Run and Let Me Run Programs: Girls on the Run is a program for girls in grades 3 - 5 which combines training for an annual 5K running event with self-esteem enhancing, uplifting workouts. This program encourages positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development. Practices take place after school under the instruction of a St. Cletus parent and trained running enthusiast. Let Me Run is a similar program for boys in grades 5 - 6. 7 It is a seven week running program for boys that combines exercise with lessons designed to help them develop teamwork, relationship building and self-confidence skills.  PARENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! 


Band Program: Students in grades 4 - 8 may learn an instrument and play in the Consolidated Catholic Schools Band. For more information about the Band Program, see "Music and Band Programs" under “Specialized Instruction.”

Individual Musical Instrument Instruction & Summer Music Camps: Offered under the instruction of the Music teacher.

Mass Server Program: All boys and girls of the parish have the opportunity to become Mass servers beginning in grade 5. Servers must attend a training session along with their parents.

School Newspaper: Students in grades 5 - 8 have the opportunity to participate in the development of our school newspaper, which is published quarterly

Student Council: Students in grades 4 - 8 may serve on the Student Council, which meets after school once a month to plan and manage fundraisers for local charities, school activities and operation of the school store. 

Bellarmine Speech League: Students in grades 5 - 8 may join the Bellarmine Speech League and participate in speech meets with other students in the St. Louis area.

Mathletes Math Club: Students in grades 6 - 8 may join Mathletes and participate in area math competitions.

Bricks 4 Kids: This after school program uses Legos to reinforce math and science concepts, develop an appreciation for how things work, builds self-confidence and problem solving skills, and fosters teamwork while providing a safe, enriching place to create and play.

Cheerleading: The St. Cletus Men’s Club offers the opportunity for day school students in grades 7 and 8 to participate in cheerleading during the winter basketball season under the instruction of a St. Cletus parent volunteer.

Chess Club:  Chess classes from CheckMates USA are offered on campus after school. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to obtain wonderful skills while learning the game of chess.

Vacation Bible School: Vacation Bible School takes place at St. Cletus School for one week during the summer break. It is designed for all children of the parish entering grades K – 5. The children have a wonderful time hearing Bible stories and learning about Jesus through entertaining activities, games and songs. Vacation Bible School is staffed by parent volunteers and student volunteers in grades 6 - 8.

Makerspace: Students have the opportunity to design, create and learn skills using a variety of different tools and materials. Makerspace is available before school 2 days a week.