Pinocchio Program

Pinocchio is an on-site joint project of St. Cletus and the CriderHealthCenter. It is designed for students in grades K – 3 with mild to moderate school adjustment concerns.

Children may benefit from Pinocchio if they are very shy, aggressive with peers, or have difficulty getting used to coming to school. It has also been beneficial for children whose families are dealing with issues such as divorce, death, or a change in living arrangements. Pinocchio helps children learn to express their feelings, improve their self esteem, and develop problem-solving and social skills.

The Pinocchio process begins with a screening procedure during which the teachers observe the children and complete a short document containing questions about their basic school behaviors. The teachers’ assessments are reviewed by the Pinocchio associate as well as the principal, and parent permission is sought for children who appear to be candidates for the program. Participation is strictly voluntary and contingent upon parent approval. The Pinocchio associate meets with each child’s parents to discuss the program, set goals and discuss the child’s progress.